best experimental design

First assignment: Critical analysis essay of research papers (Week 1).                          20%

Learning outcome
To be able to cogently summarize effective experimental design.

Internalize best practices from reading about experimental design before we practice it next week. The goal is to get as much as you can from the learning of other people on how to best design experiments.

Products you can generate worth 20%
Summary of reading with a focus on critical thinking – mini-essay 2 pages long describing what  was proposed in papers but including your critical analysis of limitations of solutions.

Flowchart of best experimental design principles (ensure you show and cite the papers you read)

Table of challenges and solutions proposed in the papers (cite the papers and describe table very briefly)

Decision tree (show how you decide what level of sample unit to work on, handle design, or make best possible decisions).

Ten simple rules for best experiment design in ecology.

Here is the one I wrote for fun about rapid talk formats:

I have been wanting to write one for experimental design too, so go for it if you want. Ensure you each have your own rules, at least some at least.

Here is the ten simple rules for simple rules. haha.

In all instances, provide a short paragraph made-up example/case-study to show what you developed/criticized worked. In doing this, list your hypothesis, predictions, and then the design.
Nice example of a visual experimental design from a notebook.





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