Hello and see you soon!

Greetings Field Biologists!

I hope you’re amazing adventures on the central coast have been a great learning experience thus far. My name is Eli Swanson and I’m a Ph.D candidate up at Oregon State University. I’ll be helping you get your research surveys and questions set up next week and am really looking forward to it! I’ll be joining you on your ranch tour Saturday with Don and we can start to talk about your research ideas then. We’ll be using the following research protocol as a framework for your own investigations. Give it a brief look and we’ll talk about it in detail Monday morning. SamplingProtocolBiology3001

On Tuesday evening I’ll also be talking with you about some of the broader topics related to natural resource management and ecological disturbance and succession. As you are learning this week and seeing all these fantastic places on the central coast that attract ecotourists, be thinking about how all these great natural resources are managed, the environmental impacts from people and what ecological processes are important to consider in these coastal areas where social, economic and ecological pillars are so tied together. In prep for Tuesday, please read the following essay (its an easy and fun read) by Aldo Leopold. Whether you pursue a career in an ecological field or not, the tenets discussed in this paper are fundamental and useful to know. Leopold Conservation Ethic

Enjoy and see you soon!





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