Marking key for experimental design heuristic


Research and teaching should be aligned. I applied the field notebooks workflow to this experimental design product. You will make key observations on the experimental design readings and use your notebook as a mechanism to explore structured thinking. I will then make key observations on the heuristic you provide, ask questions, and turn this into data (i.e. your grades are the data as a mechanism to describe/estimate how effectively your internalized best experimental design principles for ecology).

Marking key 

Likert scale from 1 to 5 (1 is low and 5 is awesome) to answer each question.
Score of 1 to 5 each, total is then 20% for assignment.

(1) Did you provide sufficient evidence you processed the readings?

(2) Is the heuristic you provided useful in designing experiments for ecology?

(3) Is the product (flowchart, table, decision tree, ten simple rules, etc) clear and direct?

(4) Is the case study example with hypothesis and predictions precise and linked to design?

The data structure from asking these questions is thus the marking key and then a spreadsheet with name, and a column for each question with a score of 1-5.





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