Guidelines and instructions for data submission

Dataset with meta-data published on or Friday September 2nd by 230pm. Value 10%

1. Back up/copy ALL data to the 2TB external HD in classroom. This includes the following data: (i) main data frames as .csv, (ii) covariate data, (iii) working data with ALL data including the nested/pseudo-replicates, and (iv) all videos and imagery captured.

2. Back up/copy the (i) main data frame and (ii) covariate data to the ‘dataset’ folder I set up on our class google drive.  Do NOT back up images or videos (no room).

3. I will mark ONLY the final dataframe with meta-data published on figshare or knb. However, I will need to see the working dataframes and covariate data frames too please to ensure accuracy.

TO submit: ONE file per group, email me the link to the main dataframe on figshare or knb.

Marking key

Data: Are the data correctly translated from the working data frame (i.e. is the mean of 6 or 8 cams correct, did the number of plant species from working plant samples translate across)? /5

Meta-data: Is the sampling well described and the column headings explained? The basic question is ‘can someone else not familiar with what you did understand and use the data’? /5

Tags: Are the tags, title for dataset, and subject area all correct?  See other blog post on tags. Ensure you list ALL members of your group as co-authors.

I need one email from each group with a link to the final data frame published online.
I will then check the google folder for the supporting data files and ensure it all connects correctly.


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