Guidelines and instructions for final paper

Research paper is due Monday Sept 26th at 5pm value is 40%


(a) Independent submissions BUT Methods and Results (including figures) can be the same. Introduction, abstract, and Discussion must be individual.

(b) Structure is as follows:

Title page: Title, author list listing all authors but with your name first, your email address.

Abstract: No more than 300 words total, and use single spacing. State the purpose, what you found, and identify at least one major of implication of this research.

Introduction: Two short paragraphs only. Paragraph 1. Introduce big picture of invasion, grasslands, and then your target taxa. Paragraph 2. Topic sentence, state hypothesis and predictions, then one sentence suggesting why the research is important.

Methods: Three paragraphs. Paragraph 1. Field site description. Paragraph 2. Sampling designs. Paragraph 3. Stats you did and link to your dataset online.

Results: Two paragraphs. Paragraph 1. State main findings. Paragraph 2. Were any covariates important?

Discussion: Two paragraphs. Paragraph 1. Restate hypothesis and state whether it was supported by the evidence you collected to test the predictions. Paragraph 2. Interpret the main finding and suggest implications (i.e. why someone should care what you found).

Figures: Likely two total. Main findings and perhaps one interesting covariate or side-pattern you found.

Literature Cited: At least 10 references to scientific papers on the topic (that you also cite in the main body of your paper).

Rubric/marking key


Methods & Results/10


Abstract/Lit cited/10


Once you submit your papers individually, I suggest you share your papers with each other, pick the best bits, then submit the final, single paper to PeerJ listing all authors and state that each contributed equally.




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