Critical analysis essay of research papers (Week 1).                          20%

Experimental design proposal (Week 2).                                              30%

Dataset with meta-data published on figshare.com (Week 2).         10%

Independent research paper (Sept 25th, 2016 electronically).         40%


By the end of the week, you must submit a critical analysis of the readings we discuss during the week. This is a short review of the reading that you do independently. Due Sunday August 28th by 10pm.  Sunday is a free day so you can work on it all day and chill out.


On Monday, you work in groups to discuss and design your experiments. A guest professor will also be present. So, there will be three instructors to facilitate your designs. Your design is due by the end of the day, August 29th at 6pm.

Dataset is due by the end of second week after you have completed your surveys.  Friday September 2nd by 230pm. Then you can pack and relax before you go home the next day.



Research paper is due Monday Sept 26th at 5pm. This gives you three weeks to write a short paper on the experiment. We will discuss outlines and rubric during week two of the course.